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HiBase Task Scheduler 2.21

HiBase Task Scheduler 2.21: Advanced repetitive tasks scheduler Scheduler comes to the rescue. The program allows you to schedule various tasks. You can run applications at certain times, execute files using Windows file associations, copy/rename/delete files, etc. Task Scheduler has built-in ZIP compression support too. HiBase Task Scheduler is able to automate simple tasks as well as complex multi-step operations. For automation of simple tasks, the program offers an easy-to-use wizard. While you can schedule

Schedule 3.5.34: 32 Bit Automation Task Scheduler for Windows
Schedule 3.5.34

Schedule is a user friendly and dependable 32-bit automation task scheduler used by major corporations worldwide. Schedule provides the tools you need to automate all your repetitive and / or complex tasks. Schedule is multi-threaded so it is never too busy to launch your tasks on time. Schedule is built for heavy-duty use so you won`t overload it. Tasks can be scheduled to launch based on a flexible range of dates, times, window events, file events

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Advanced Task Scheduler A powerful cost-effective tool to schedule running of applications.
Advanced Task Scheduler

Scheduler. The scheduler can also be launched as a Windows Service and work in the background, enabling all scheduled tasks to run smoothly without taking up any desktop space. This feature means Advanced Task Scheduler can be run even when no user is logged on. Advanced Task Scheduler can record all executed tasks in a log file or send them straight to your inbox, letting you know exactly what tasks are being executed and when. Advanced Task Scheduler

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NetworkGazer 1.0.0

schedule tasks (not only AT assigned jobs) on remote machines. Where the other schedule task viewers fail they can only give you access to view schedule jobs that were schedule remotely not the jobs scheduled at the actual PC but NetworkGazer will give you both types at once. Find out what programs are associated actual open ports on the remote computer. Network administrator will find this feature handy if a virus has opened a port on an end-user

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Schedule Master 6.1: Schedule Master - An easy to use scheduling tool for small business.
Schedule Master 6.1

Schedule Master An easy to use scheduling tool for small business. Organized around your customers, jobs, tasks and personnel. Track your work schedule by customer, job, task or personnel: Schedule Master contains a database of customer, job, task and personnel information. Selection and sort options allow quickly viewing schedules in many ways to suit your varying needs from daily to long-term. For example find: - What tasks are scheduled for today

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Easy Task Schedules with Excel 1.37: Schedule 25 people to daily tasks the easy way with Excel & drop-down menus.
Easy Task Schedules with Excel 1.37

tasks to employees who are on vacation. Outputs include individual and team schedules and a file that you can import into your Outlook Calendar, PDA or Smart Phone so your schedules will always be available for easy reference. The Excel spreadsheets are available in sizes to schedule 25, 50 and 100 employees and can be downloaded from our website and used on a free trial basis for evaluation. Other easy-to-use spreadsheets to schedule your people

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ADEX Schedule 2.0

ADEX Schedule is a COM component that encapsulates the functionality of TaskScheduler. It enables application developers of Microsoft technology to add, delete and manage tasks in the TaskScheduler. It has been developed using Microsoft ATL, providing users fast access to the Scheduler. The ADEX™ Schedule Object Model is designed to provide programmers an intuitive interface to Windows NT TaskScheduler.


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